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IJMSTA - Vol. 4 - Issue 1 - January 2022
ISSN 2612-2146
Pages: 16

Dimensions of teacher students' professional knowledge development in a dialogue with creative music teaching

Authors: Kaarina Marjanen, Sabine Chatelain
Categories: Journal

Abstract - This contribution aims to show how the dimensions of a dialogue can be translated for a tool to analyze professional knowledge development of teacher students. For this purpose, an international exchange project, focusing on creative music teaching, was implemented. Swiss and Finnish students participated in the project, and their dialogical collaboration was being analyzed for the purposes of this paper. The 9-month-project involved six early childhood and primary education teacher students and two teacher-trainers. The main steps were accessed via the collected data, which was organized and analyzed through the main components of the Multisenso-ry Musical Design (MMD; Marjanen 2021a): faces, spaces, and timelines. At MMD-model, these three are being understood as dimensions of a dialogue. As the first step, students' meaning creation processes towards the understanding of creativity and music were described in terms of faces (encounters), which were observed in space and time. As the second step, the links to professional knowledge for teaching were presented in reference to the Learning-by-developing (LbD) model (Raij, 2014). The findings of our conceptual analysis pointed out the richness of multimodal dialogues experienced by the students. Professional knowledge towards creativity in music teaching had been developing through a complex intra- and interpersonal dialogue over time. It appeared that experiences with music and arts, in various spaces, in both countries (schools, nature, culture), led the student teachers to a more integrated perspective on creative music teaching. The use of dialogue as a concept to analyze the project appeared to be particularly relevant towards the purposes of taking into account the intercultural context and the students' subjective understanding of theoretical knowledge through a lived experience. The whole theoretical reframing of the study gave us a new theoretical input as a support to the development of generalist and specialist teacher training.

Keywords: Creativity, Dialogue, Experiences, Music education, (Pre)Primary teacher education, Professional knowledge

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Marjanen, K., Chatelain, S. (2022). Dimensions of teacher students' professional knowledge development in a dialogue with creative music teaching. IJMSTA. 2022 January 01; 4 (1): 1-16.