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IJMSTA - Vol. 3 - Issue 2 - July 2021
ISSN 2612-2146
Pages: 6

A Study of the Color in Persian Gabbeh Rug and Music

Authors: A.A. Javadi, M. Fujieda
Categories: Journal

Abstract - Interdisciplinary study is becoming increasingly important in arts such as design and music during the last decades. The color term suggests an analogy with the visual arts and an important element in both rug and music arts. However, connection and link between rug and music through the lens of color has not been studied yet. Persian rug composition is based on balance, rhythm, and use of bright colors. When listeners are engaged with music, they follow the sounds closely. Similarly, color is one of the attractive visual elements in Persian rug art at first glance, but color in music art is hidden and invisible. Considering the color element in Persian Gabbeh rug, we showed conceptual connection between musical note and Persian rug and communication language tool of aural-visual arts relationship.

Keywords: Color, Gabbeh, Interdisciplinary, Persian rug

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Javadi, A.A., Fujieda, M. (2021). A Study of the Color in Persian Gabbeh Rug and Music. IJMSTA. 2021 September 28; 3 (2): 26-31.