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IJMSTA - Vol. 3 - Issue 1 - January 2021
ISSN 2612-2146
Pages: 15

From the 'other side': New perspectives offered by the backside amplification system for electric guitar

Authors: Carlo Siega
Categories: Journal

Abstract - Throughout the historical heritage of the guitar organology, the intonation follows the tempered system. Consequently, it sees a lack of interest in the instrument's back side range (behind the tapping hand). The contribution of this paper presents the backside sonic results achieved by a unique electric guitar amplification system at the guitar nut realised by Manne Guitars in 2020 under the author's specifics. Throughout this paper will be firstly presented the 'to-the-nut' concept and use among selected literature; secondly, we will provide a description of the building project of the 'backside electric guitar' and its realisation made by the constructor; ultimately, the delivery of a data collection of the 'backside' pitches obtained by their sonic analysis. The result of this operation shows the first backside sound database of the guitar. Herein, the attempt is to lay the foundations for a more comprehensive system of relations within the "other side" - 'backside' - of the electric guitar to promoting further sonic explorations, opening new perspectives on the instrumental practice, and encouraging even further artistic understandings of the instrument.

Keywords: Backside amplification systems, New instruments design, Physical modelling musical instruments, Sonic interaction design

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Siega, C. (2021). From the 'other side': New perspectives offered by the backside amplification system for electric guitar. IJMSTA. 2021 Jan 7; 3 (1): 33-47.