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IJMSTA - Vol. 2 - Issue 2 - July 2020
ISSN 2612-2146
Pages: 5

An Interactive Compositional Tool using the Electroencephalogram

Authors: R.H. Horrell
Categories: Journal

Abstract - This paper proposes an interactive approach to aid the compositional process using the brain-computer music interface (BCMI). In particular, the system developed in this paper focuses on creating an interactive compositional process inclusive to non-musicians and those with motor disabilities, in addition to providing a new method of composing. This paper references and compares two BCMI systems that have been developed for compositional purposes and draws upon these ideas to form the proposed system in this paper. Such system would aid the compositional process based on note velocity, chords and key changes.

Keywords: Brain-computer music interface (BCMI), Composing, Electroencephalogram (EEG)

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Horrell, R.H.: An Interactive Compositional Tool using the Electroencephalogram. IJMSTA. 2020 Aug 18; 2 (2): 22-26.