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IJMSTA - Vol. 1 - Issue 1 - January 2019
ISSN 2612-2146
Pages: 1-7

The Choir in the Romanian Opera

Authors: Consuela Radu Taga
Categories: Journal

Abstract - The role and the purpose of the collective character in the Romanian opera encompasses very broad and diverse directions and layers of research. The investigation imposed the structuring of the Romanian opera according to the source of inspiration and to the themes. The paper bring to attention the functions of the choir in the opera, pointing out the melody and the diversity of the multi-vocal proportions, its expressiveness and image complexity. The individual portrait of the collective character is a forceful tool in the dramaturgical epic, a musical instrument, both poetic and plastic.

Keywords: Choral ensemble, Collective character, Romanian Opera, Themes

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Consuela Radu Taga (2019). The Choir in the Romanian Opera. IJMSTA. 2019 Jan 7; 1 (1): 1-7.